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Old Electric Wall Sconce

About the Product


This gorgeous turn of the century brass sconce was hanging around the shop for years. Our metal artisan started to look at this piece closer, and realized it had great historical significance.

It features an early Thomson Houston socket with a brass cap and porcelain paddle switch. This piece originally took a lightbulb with a screw top bottom, until an edison adaptor was invented and added so it could take light bulbs with a threaded base that we use today.

Our artisan converted the gas candlestick to electric, and added a bulb. (This piece was made so that the gas flame of the candlestick would still burn if the power went out to the lower, electric bulb) If your power and gas were both working, you could have both the bulb and gas flame on at the same time.

The entire piece had to be fully rewired, and we added a Pagoda shade dated 1900. We added This shade to keep this piece historically correct. The overall look of this piece is stunning. We couldn’t be happier with how it came together!

Height: 17 in
Width: 13 in (out from wall)
Weight: 4 lbs
Color: Brass

Price: $650.00

Code: SCN11

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