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Markel Electrical Products Art Deco Chandelier with Matching Sconces

About the Product

ART DECO, MARKEL Electrical Products ( Chandelier with Matching Sconces! Suspected to be mid 1920’s!

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This Markel set is a jackpot for the Art Deco Enthusiast! We have had the chandelier in stock for a bit, and happened upon the sconces by chance! We were overjoyed by this find, a complete set is EXTREMELY rare!

The chandelier needed to be repainted when we first got it. it needed a specific painting technique to age it, so it looked as close to the original painting that was done to it in manufacturing.

The sconces HAVE the original manufacturing paint, and we can’t believe how closely we matched the paint job on the chandelier to the original paint that is on the sconces.

We didn’t know the name of the manufacturer, so we took the sconces apart to verify who made them.

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