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Vintage Lighting, Inc. has been restoring and repairing beloved heirlooms and metal antiques since 1993, and we have the honor of being recommended by trusted Museums. We carry a large inventory of parts for restoration work, and can fabricate most missing components. Let us exceed your expectations in resurrecting your treasured heirlooms—we thrive on the challenge of saving a valuable piece of history, so that it is fit to be passed down for many generations. Our happy customers applaud our exceptional craftsmanship and experience—read our testimonials HERE.

Below are some of the services we offer to bring your treasured antiques back to life:


When your metal antique heirloom is damaged or missing pieces, our talented Metal Artisan disassembles, replaces parts and restores your treasured item using antique fittings, components and custom-created metalworking. Any old or fragile wiring is replaced and re-wired to make operation reliable and safe.

Vintage Lighting, Inc specializes in vintage lamp restorations, but we are happy to rejuvenate any of your imperfect metal items. Click HERE to view our Restoration Portfolio.


From missing panels to shattered slag glass pieces to bent frames, Vintage Lighting takes your damaged slag glass lamps and turns them back into breathtaking works of art. An authentic appearance is created by using color matching, hand-shaving, and re-creation of slag glass patterns. Any broken frames and supports are also expertly repaired and reinforced. Click HERE to view our Slag Glass Portfolio.

Brass blacksmith statue


Authentically recreating missing pieces and repairing metalwork in a lamp, statue or monument is our trademark! Our metal artisan loves the challenge of fabricating intricate designs or repairing a ruined heirloom. We use copper, brass, and silverspoon, among other metals, to create delicate flowers, mounting plates, lamp stands, hangers, scrolls and more with realistic detail and matching patina. Our repair work safely reinforces the pieces while remaining undetectible. Click HERE to view our Metal Fabrication Portfolio.


Our crafstmen can revive worn finishes, or custom match patinas on any metal surface. The process of sandblasting, hand-rubbing or buffing, with artistically applied special paints and oxides ensure your piece’s patina will beautifully age with grace. Click HERE to view our Restoration Portfolio.