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Art Nouveau Lamp

Slag Glass Lamp

This Art Nouveau lamp is missing the flower and leaves. The glass panel behind one of the flower and leaves was removed and the flower and leaves were cut out with a jewelers saw. 

Featured in this pictures below is Georgia Swanson, a very gifted local artisan. Bob calls on her when he needs her expertise for a particular project.


Here is the process that we took to restore this slag glass lamp. The process has been documented in the pictures below: Forms for the mold were pre-adjusted. The good piece is flattened in preparation for the mold. The existing piece is placed in the mold. Then Georgia is preparing to remove the existing piece from the mold. The existing piece is removed from the mold. You can faintly make out the mold below the piece. Now the new piece has been poured hot into the mold. The new piece is now removed from the mold. We can see the comparison between the two pieces. Both pieces were re soldered back on to the frame. Then the glass was put back in. The patina of the new piece was matched to the rest of the lamp. What a joy to be able to save this beautiful Art Nouveau lamp.

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