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Green Industrial Shades transformed into Pendant Lights

A client brought us two “new old stock” shades to be turned into pendant lights for his kitchen.

“New old stock” refers to the fact that the shades are antiques, but were never used, and are in mint condition. To determine this look at the top where the socket goes, you’ll see the brass ring that’s pressed into the shade with internal
threads that are used for attaching antique sockets. The size of this thread is one of the ways we determined these shades are
in fact antiques.

We then scoured the shop to find the parts for the pendant lights. First we looked for the chains because they compliment the style
and patina color for the piece. We wanted to find chains that were complimentary, but not overpowering of the piece. We wanted
to be Industrial in style, have the right link size and for the patina to match the sockets and canopies. We found canopies that matched the patina
of the socket. The canopies were on a set of wall sconces we had in the shop. We make sure we add the most
authentic parts for the time period of all the pieces we sell, as well as the pieces we hand craft for our clients.
To show this quality in our work more visually, we have added a picture of an aging process we used on the new check rings for
the canopy. We didn’t have four matching check rings in our “old stock”, so we laid them out on the fire brick and heated them
with a propane torch and added a “bronze metal darkener”. Doing this process added just the right color to make the rings look
time period and match the patina of the chain and socket.

After antiquing the rings we put the canopies together and wired the socket. We run the wire up through the chain by weaving it through
every other link so that the wire is almost invisible against the chain. The wire is then ran up through the canopy. We leave the ground wire
coiled loosely at the top of the shade so that our clients can weave it against the chains when they install the lights. This prevents kinking of the ground wire to occur.

After assembling the piece we sent pictures to our client so he could figure out if any changes needed to be made before he came out to pick it up.
We send all our clients pictures during the repair and refinishing process to update them on progress and give them peace of mind that their piece is taken care of in our hands.

If your antique or heirloom is missing a piece Call Vintage Lighting Inc, we have the expertise!