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Help our client figure out who manufactured this stunning piece! K112 is the only identification mark on this chandelier.

Art Nouveau Angel Chandelier previously hung in the historic Charles Gerard Conn Mansion (The whole chandelier)

A client bought this heavenly art nouveau chandelier from the historic Charles Gerard Conn Mansion auction.

She had it hung in her home but it fell after having been mounted for some time. The angels arms and 1 wing were completely broken off. The other wing, garb, a few leaves and multiple fingers cracked. One finger completely disintegrated.
We knew this would be a difficult and meticulous challenge.

Taking it apart:
We took the whole chandelier apart and found that this chandelier had been previously restored with some iffy materials.
The whole chandelier was wired with speaker wire, no ground wire, the paint was runny and wrong in color and it was all held together with pipe clamps.

After taking it apart carefully Bob separated the angel from the rest of the chandelier. He noticed how difficult this piece was going to be to put back together and why the last restorer must have taken the shortcuts they made.

Putting it back together:
First we sandblasted the entire piece to remove the old paint.
Then Bob rewired the entire piece.
Next was making a custom, but time period correct patina to make this chandelier look like it has been untouched and preserved in its original condition for the last 125 years. Custom aged patinas are one of Bob’s specialized services.

After the restoration was complete now the task was to put the whole piece back together. Bob decided to call a friend to help, making sure this would be done as carefully as possible. Bob also added brackets to reinforce the mounting of the angel to the vines. He did this in such a way that they would be unnoticeable and hidden. He also got permission from the client to mount her up in a way that would make her look like she was flying rather than her being horizontal.

Sending the finished product home:
The client came to see the finished chandelier and was overjoyed with the final product.
Bob and the client communicated on how to package the piece for storage until she’s ready to mount the chandelier.

We appreciate all the projects this client has brought and are excited for the rest she has in mind.

Do you have a piece that looks as though its fallen from grace? Call Vintage Lighting Inc, we do repairs without a trace.