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Ostrich Leg Floor Lamp
This floor lamp was brought to me by Penny to be fixed. It features an Ostrich leg made from cast iron. One of the talons was broken off, and I reattached it by carefully brazing it. I then had to match the patinas of the piece. Penny then realized the base was going to be unstable sitting only on the four talons, so I mounted it on an old lamp base that I had to stabilize the piece. I made sure to do all of this without damaging the integrity of the piece. The ostrich leg originally belonged to Penny’s mother, and the lampshade original belonged to her Grandmother. I reconfigured the top of the ostrich leg to accommodate the shade, using only old parts. This was a very rewarding piece not only for her, but also for me. Below is the thank you letter I received from Penny…
Broken Foot on Ostrich Floor Lamp

Feb. 20, 2010

Dear Bob,


Several phone calls to antique shops finally led me to you, “someone who repairs antique lamps”. Little did I realize how much more than that you are!

Recently my mother had to relocate to a care facility in Texas. An avid collector of antique and family heirlooms, she had a floor lamp that I particularly loved. The long base is molded metal resembling an ostrich leg which has a crystal globe  on top which was used to hold lamp oil. Someone had wired it and added a top piece to hold 2 light bulbs. My grandmother had made a beautiful hand macrame shade for it (which had won 1st place at the Indiana State Fair in sewing). Sadly, in shipment to me, the lamp was damaged and one of the 4 talon feet was broken off. Needless to say, I felt heartbroken.

When I brought the lamp to you, I expected the leg of the lamp to be repaired but doubted that the other several weakened and bent areas could be fixed…the lamp was wobbly at best and a cheap light fixture had been added on top to hold 2 light bulbs.

My expectations were exceeded beyond belief! You not only repaired the broken talon (foot) but also fixed the several weakened areas and reconstructed the fixture on top with materials of the same age and makeup. And, to prevent further damages and the possibility of it falling over, you added a beautiful base for the legs to stand on, painting it to match the metal.

I couldn’t be happier, and I enjoy sitting in my living room every night admiring it. Know the glass globe has some cracks; if you should ever see another like it, please let me know.

Again, thank you for the exceptionally beautiful work you put into my prized possession.




Penny Bopan

Art Nouveau Slag Glass Table Lamp
This lamp was brought to us by Dee with a missing part. She had originally planned to sell the lamp, but after the restoration she decided to keep it because of how pleased she was with the repair. Below is Dee’s thank you note and a few pictures of the restoration.

Dear Mr. Kopnicky,


I must write to you and tell you how very pleased I am with your repair of my two antique lamps. My trip to La Porte was certainly worth-while. Your marksmanship is absolutely “first class”. I now have them displayed in my home and love to turn on the lights for people on the outside to admire. I have had many compliments. 

It was a pleasure meeting you and I extend my sincere thanks to you. 

Dee Leeder

Cottage on the Lake Table Lamp

This second cottage on the lake lamp was brought to Bob with the framing splitting and the center ring that holds the weight pushing through the frame. As you can see in this detailed picture, the center ring was re-soldered and pinned in position. The splits in the frame were also re-soldered. The glass was then reinstalled, and the lamp rewired to put it back in working condition. It is now with Will and his family for them to enjoy.


Thanks for a job well done!

The repair executed on my slag glass table lamp is a real work of art. Preserving the patina, using original parts, and giving attention to all the details have given this lamp of 100 plus years a new life. 

It’s Awesome! The way you refurbished the cast iron floor lamp also turned out fantastic. 

The passion and craftsmanship you displayed making these repairs is outstanding. You have been blessed with a wonderful talent. 

It was a real pleasure to greet and talk to you. I look forward to finding another lamp in need of restoration, because I have the utmost confidence in your abilities.

Thanks again for the top notch craftsmanship, it’s a rare talent in these times.