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Bob Kopnicky

Experience & Expertise

Robert Jerome Kopnicky is an award-winning metal artisan with 35 years experience in metal working.  In addition, his experience in metal restoration spans 25 years.  He holds three patents, 14 inventions, and is the founder and owner of Vintage Lighting by R. Jerome, Inc. of LaPorte.


Embracing Creativity

As a young boy, Bob had a hard time learning and keeping up in school.  In the 3rd grade it was discovered that Bob had a major learning disability. He struggled with math, reading, and writing, but excelled in art classes. It wasn’t until he reached the age of twenty nine that Bob was diagnosed with dyslexia.

For most of his life Bob thought his disability was a curse and that because of it he would never accomplish anything. What he didn’t realize until he was older is that though his reading and writing were embarrassing struggles, his mechanical skills and drive to create came naturally and easily.

At twenty nine years of age, Bob had a spiritual conversion to Christianity. Since then, Bob has been tapping into this creative side, finding it very rewarding. It has allowed him to express himself in many different ways, which are displayed throughout the website.